Digital and analog games that I worked on during my time at USC and beyond.


Tracking Ida

Art Lead

Tracking Ida is an educational installation experience created and lead by Lishan AZ. Players explore Ida B. Wells' travel chest, piecing together narratives which Wells focused on.

I designed and created the "historic" assets for the project and poster, and I aided in designing certain puzzles.


The Quiet of the Leaves

Art Lead

The Quiet of the Leaves is a 2D walking simulator. Players navigate both a forest and the protagonist's relationship with her father.

I lead a team of one environment artist (Camille Ticheur) and one character artist (Kindra Dantone).

You can find my artistic contributions to the project under the Art & Animation page of this website.


To Joy and Freedom

Lead Designer, Artist

I designed, illustrated, pitched, and lead production on this board game.
4 players navigate a quilt, drawing cards and answering questions related to American slavery in an effort to reach the North Star quilt patch, thereby achieving freedom.



Programmer, Artist, Designer

Flipp is a 3D puzzle game using two orthographic perspectives. Players guide Flipp Phillips through his escape from space jail. Flip between front facing and top-down cameras in order to navigate a 3D mazelike environment.

Click here to see a video displaying the game's mechanics.


Treasure Hunt


Designed and developed by Max Maynard, Treasure Hunt is a board game wherein players lay traps for each other while attempting to collect the most (and weirdest) treasure. I had the privilege of illustrating those bizarre valuables, all of which you can find under the Art & Animation page of this website.


Experimental Work

Spring 2017

In Spring 2017, I was enrolled in Richard Lemarchand's Experimental Games class.

Students were required to create a new game every 1-2 weeks, which challenged us to develop our prototyping skills.



art + design contribution


The Commute: 
A Game About Street Harassment

2D Animator, Character Artist

The Commute was a person project that Lishan AZ created in Spring 2015. From her website: "The Commute is a power fantasy game about street harassment. Built around true-to-life experiences of catcalling, the game highlights the destructive nature of street harassment while inviting players to choose how to 'deal with it.'" I animated the main character, and illustrated all of her adversaries.



2D Animator, Artist, Designer

Mnemosyn is a brief walking simulator created during the 2015 Global Game Jam. I was the character animator and illustrator for the game, as well as contributing to discussions on design and narrative. You can find my ending illustrations in the Art & Animation page of this website.

Vanishing point.PNG

Vanishing Point

3D Texturing, Character & Object Design

Vanishing Point was a USC undergraduate thesis game created during Fall 2014-Spring 2015. As a freshman, I was primarily an object and character concept artist, although as happens on student design projects, I occasionally helped with level design. I also created textures for some of the 3D objects and walls you see in the game.